Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's inside our Bags??

LV is my bag and the Grey is IYAA Bag
What is inside my bag and IYAA bag هI know too many men wonder what is inside the women bags!; my bag was normal but what inside IYAA bag is a scandal ..
اليوم قررت اشارك قرائي بشنو داخل جنطتي وجنطة زميلتي بالعمل IYAA, وللعلم فقط انا جنطتي كانت طبيعيه بس جنطة زميلتي كانت فضييييييييييييحه .

this is the overall look - my bag looking amazing with the Green Stuff; IYAA am i seeing nayloon bag inside your bag?? :p

OMG , Seriously IYAA!! Are sure there is no Smurf living in your bag??
guyz my bag is the normal girls bag bs IYAA Bag is a hard working women bag "ga3da aragi3 lich"


brownsuger said...

Which one is considered normal :/ they look like inspector gadget bag :p

Rainy said...

I7m i7m myyyyyyy bag normal ,,,wela i won't tell anything about food recipes :P

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