Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ted Baker's

Ted Baker @ 360 Mall
I love Ted Baker's Storefront, the smallest one was wrapping around himself.

NEW: Horse Hoof Shoes

Cheltenham’s racegoers are more interested in fashion than in horses, however, this year a curious combination of both seem to be the latest equestrian chic.A team of fashion designers commissioned by Betfair created a pair of high heel ‘horses’ hooves’ to mark the occasion for Cheltenham National Hunt Festival’s 100th anniversary, Sold at 1 300 £ (2 080 €) a pair, the choice can be made between three pairs of ankle and knee-length hoof shoes, a “perfect accessory for racing fans who want to stand out from the crowd” as Betfair describes them.

The hooves are made from carbon fiber and decorated with natural horse hairs (at least 5 000 of them), closing with a black zipper. The model who wore them on the catwalk, Louise Dainton, describes them as very comfortable, so no worry for the feet of the fashionists brave enough to accessorize with eccentric hooves.

Imagine this Fashion come's to Kuwait , it will be hilarious.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Pizzetta" the best Margritta Ever!!

Yesterday i went to Pizzetta located across from the Seef Palace in Kuwait City,   It was my first visit to the Pizzetta .

GUYZ, the Pizza Margritta was fabulous and Seasoned Homemade Chips with Aioli was Awsome, the rest of the food was Average. The Magritta Pizza was pretty amazing.

"® Brand Bazaar" Hard Luck

I wrote in my blog a week ago about the bazaar, which takes place every period and I was very excited to go because in last times i went there I found many amazing bargains deals for amazing stuff like jimmy choo and Lounge Designer's , but unfortunately this year I couldn't  find something special as the last years , there was no shoes ,bags or even jewelery .

Do you know what struck me more than anything that there were FAKE jewelery (Chanel-Fendi-Juicy Couture) !! I THOUGHT the idea of ​​the exhibition to be a bazaar or outlet for international brands, how there were FAKE JEWERLY?? i think they lost there concept to collect some money.

Anyway i just bought nice beach flat for 10 KD from Lounge Designer's. 

Cambridge Satchel bag "I love it"

I fall in love with these bags , its Cambridge Satchel Company bags you you can find them on ASOS , i must mention that these trendy bags comes in 4 sizes 11, 13 , 14 , 15; so it will be amazing for work , college, ,meetings,and hanging out also what i like about it is the bright colors that they offer and the fashionable style.

Cambridge Satchel Company size 15"
15" A true messenger bag - great for teens, students and professionals alike. Many laptop computers fit in this satchel. 15" along top, 10" height, 4" depth.

105 £

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AL-Othman Online Outlet

Al Othman’s concept that "the timeless pieces should never be left behind" , This is why they launched AL-Othman Online Outlet to be the one stop online shopping destination for fashion forward women hunting for bargains from previous seasons.

Each piece on this website was chosen to reflect the latest trends and most sought-after designers, AL-Othman Outlet not a warehouse or a simple compilation of “leftovers,” it is an online boutique that carries merchandise from upscale designers at deeply discounted prices. They still remain in sync with seasons, special occasions, and current trends.  
 Oscar de la Renta, Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Linda Farrow 

I've chose that the Proenza Schouler shoes  the original price was 219 KD NOW KD 43.800

Deliberate interference on MBC channels!!

From two weeks ago, until recently the MBC channels repeating a  message that there is a deliberate interference on the Arabiya Channels!! what do they mean by "Deliberate interference"????

Monday, March 28, 2011

Me and cup Posh Cafe!

 Me and My story with the coffee cup of Posh Cafe , Today morning, I decided to go to 360 mall to buy some stuff , while I'm there I decided to eat my breakfast in a Posh Cafe. 

Anyway i ordered cup of coffee and Farmers as a Breakfast , while I'm drinking my coffee, I noticed that the coffee fall down on my clothesthe table and every where which made ​​me surprised , How can't I control my cup of coffee!! So I started looking right and left to make sure no one noticed , it's such an embarrassment .

Guess what!! After checking and examine the cup i discovered that the problem weren't  in my way of drinking, but the problem was in  the Cup Style or the way they designed it because there was a small circular in the center of the cup aspects, i didn't understand why they need it , But i will be Careful next time :D

I must mention that the Posh Cafe have a amazing Breakfast I highly recommend it, they have different plates specially for vegetarian people they will enjoy it also their prices are excellent i ordered cup of coffee, Farmers for 3.950KD. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jil Sander's dress

Rare Fashion has release a dress the same as Jil Sander's but shorter with two layers , the Mollie Peplum Dress has the 80's strapless peplum dress with mini tight fit underskirt and two tier peplum layer. Two tone non stretch fabric with boned bodice and high peplum and for 17£, I liked it.

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The same but cheaper!

In each period will try to find out the Same outfits from different brands at different prices to suit all budgets, anyway I went to 360 Mall to my favorite shop which is Bimba & Lola so i liked a colorful bright orange shirt "the material amazing for Kuwait weather" but the problem was that 38 KD for a plain shirt and bimba and lola not worth it .

Bimba & Lola 38 KD
then i went to Mango and i found the same material and there are shirt and dress, guess wat ? the shirt for 15 KD and the dress for 25 KD.
MANGO Shirt's 15 KD
MANGO Dresses 25 KD

Nail Cafe!! Any Idea?

I was passing by villa fayrooz restaurant at sha'ab and i noticed this shop, which will be opened soon. which Lift my attention that the Envision design & contracting company supervising and owning the project.

For who dose not know the Envision design & contracting An experienced construction team that has been working with some of the best commercial designers in Europe for over 10 years to execute high-end fashion boutiques for International brands as Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Chloe', Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier, Pomellato, Damiani,  and many more...

They are selecting only a limited number of projects each year on which they devote all our inspiration and attention so I'm so excited to the opening, any idea when will be the opening?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Designer's sweet's Competition @ 360

 I went to the designer's sweet's competition at the 360 mall - Pop Up Shop, i wanted to know what the concept of the shop and which brands they are selling but i couldn't it was so crowded because of the competition .

There was sweets (dessert) every where and the competitors were friendly and welcoming and their dessert was yummy

Yesterday Storm!

when i was driving back home i saw the weather and i thought its cloudy so i decide to take a  photo to post at my blog , then !!!! the weather change ,became total brown and i still couldn't understand what is going on!!

in every mintue the weather getting worse , to be honest its the first time in my life i got terrified ,,, i can't see anything but i have to move, i can't stop the car because their were to many people driving like crazy,,

Finally i got home and unfortunately yesterday was my friend wedding , i went to wedding at 10:45pm but the wedding was almost empty. Anyway el baldia start cleaning the roads.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazing Leather Shopping Bags!

Jeremy Scott found a way to shop stylishly while also saving the life of another plastic bag. He just designed a line of three leather shopping bags for Colette, the Cast of Vices line named those classy shopping bags “Corner Store”, and they are available in three different set of embossed text.
The “I Love NY” is priced at 346,25 $, the “Have A Nice Day” bag is worth 290,85 $, and finally the “ThankYou” variant is priced at 346,25 $.

As for the sizes, you can pick up either the small 17.5-inch x 8.5-inch or the medium 21.5-inch x 12-inch sized bags.  Available at Colette only Shopping!

Think Café & Restaurant.!

While I'm surf the facebook searching for something new , i found a page new cafe different from the rest of the cafes in Kuwait, they have different zones in one place , you could find the Social Zone , Library Zone , and Workstation Zone & Business Center are equipped with large desks and computers, printer, scanner, and even fax documents at their own convenience.

Finally Meeting Room Zone provides an elegant and professional setting that can accommodate up to 7 people including the designated presenter, it will cost 15 KD per hour and the booking fee includes access to high-speed wireless, printing privileges, and LCD connectivity as well as eight beverages for every hour booked.

Location: Kuwait City -Al Johara Tower - Beside Casper & Gambini's
For reservations please call 22954988.

Weapons are sold in malls!!

I'm shockedone of my cousin putting this weapon as a key chain and when I asked her where you bought it? .. easly said: "AL-Wataniya Complex at salmiya" , which make me wonder  "How these small Weapons are sold in malls ??"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy Shoes by IRon Fist !

Iron Fist brand has a strange taste in designing  epically in the Shoes Collection and bags , their taste look like Ed Hardy but iron the crazier  . Also the prices range are between 45-70$ ,you could find their shoes in

CHANEL for ,400 fils!!

Yesterday I went to the Book Shop to buy some things anyway on my way to shopping i discovered fashionable Notebook of luxury brands like Chanel-Burburry -Ralph Lauren ..etc.. imagine you bought a chanel notbook for .400 fils (1$) it's unbelievable. Seriously the ministry of commerce and industry MUST stop that NOW.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Sale on March 25th

 What can be better than discounted designer fashion? 

Well, Don't miss out on The's clearance sale on March 25th The's is the world's most fashionable fashion outlet devoted to selling discounted designer women swear and accessories.

New Gifts ideas!

I believe that giving gifts to the Partner without occasion will spice up the relation so i collect simple idea will show the love in your heart to your partner.. i Hope you like it ... 

Especially For You
Let him know how thankful you are for him and all he means to you with this 'You're Priceless' Agenda . Written inside each tri-fold card are the words ‘Sometimes, someone, is everything…there can be a million stories why but the reasons are all the same, you’re incomparable, you’re irreplaceable, you’re priceless’. 
Tip: i highly recommend starting this agenda with your Anniversary Date.

Print on the Socks:
Happy Feet:
Put on your 'Happy Socks'!.  and print nice text on it , so your partner see every morning !

Print funny text on his gym bag or grocery bag:
 Hunter Gatherer
You send them out for one thing and they come back with something TOTALLY different, right girls! Amuse yourselves and get your own back at the same time by arming them with one of these brilliant bad boys. Other shoppers will be nodding knowingly or smiling sympathetically as they cruise the supermarket aisles.

 Frame with your Own Words:
His Corner:
Dedicated corner of the house named "His Corner" Put frame like the one in the photo and Stylishly printed a text in simple poster with white lettering on a plain black background , it's a simple and stylish way to tell someone how you feel, and Every month or 3 months change the TEXT poster so he can feel your feelings whether love or a question but avoid words of hates or argues because this corner about love not wars. 

Printing items:
Standout Style
A unique gift for trainer collectors or simply guys who appreciate a personalised present. Choose His Favorite color t-shirt or shoes  then customise them to your own design to create a one-of-a-kind pair of trainers. However we don't recommend adding an embarrassing photo. That'll come back to bite you.

Fashion Tip!

I like this Fashion Tip giver by i would buy them if i have a Hard Rock Party.