Monday, March 28, 2011

Me and cup Posh Cafe!

 Me and My story with the coffee cup of Posh Cafe , Today morning, I decided to go to 360 mall to buy some stuff , while I'm there I decided to eat my breakfast in a Posh Cafe. 

Anyway i ordered cup of coffee and Farmers as a Breakfast , while I'm drinking my coffee, I noticed that the coffee fall down on my clothesthe table and every where which made ​​me surprised , How can't I control my cup of coffee!! So I started looking right and left to make sure no one noticed , it's such an embarrassment .

Guess what!! After checking and examine the cup i discovered that the problem weren't  in my way of drinking, but the problem was in  the Cup Style or the way they designed it because there was a small circular in the center of the cup aspects, i didn't understand why they need it , But i will be Careful next time :D

I must mention that the Posh Cafe have a amazing Breakfast I highly recommend it, they have different plates specially for vegetarian people they will enjoy it also their prices are excellent i ordered cup of coffee, Farmers for 3.950KD. 


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