Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Gifts ideas!

I believe that giving gifts to the Partner without occasion will spice up the relation so i collect simple idea will show the love in your heart to your partner.. i Hope you like it ... 

Especially For You
Let him know how thankful you are for him and all he means to you with this 'You're Priceless' Agenda . Written inside each tri-fold card are the words ‘Sometimes, someone, is everything…there can be a million stories why but the reasons are all the same, you’re incomparable, you’re irreplaceable, you’re priceless’. 
Tip: i highly recommend starting this agenda with your Anniversary Date.

Print on the Socks:
Happy Feet:
Put on your 'Happy Socks'!.  and print nice text on it , so your partner see every morning !

Print funny text on his gym bag or grocery bag:
 Hunter Gatherer
You send them out for one thing and they come back with something TOTALLY different, right girls! Amuse yourselves and get your own back at the same time by arming them with one of these brilliant bad boys. Other shoppers will be nodding knowingly or smiling sympathetically as they cruise the supermarket aisles.

 Frame with your Own Words:
His Corner:
Dedicated corner of the house named "His Corner" Put frame like the one in the photo and Stylishly printed a text in simple poster with white lettering on a plain black background , it's a simple and stylish way to tell someone how you feel, and Every month or 3 months change the TEXT poster so he can feel your feelings whether love or a question but avoid words of hates or argues because this corner about love not wars. 

Printing items:
Standout Style
A unique gift for trainer collectors or simply guys who appreciate a personalised present. Choose His Favorite color t-shirt or shoes  then customise them to your own design to create a one-of-a-kind pair of trainers. However we don't recommend adding an embarrassing photo. That'll come back to bite you.


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