Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jazeera Airways "Bargain" to Dubai!

3 Days package with accommodation starting from 79 KD , wala yabela Dubai 9arla fatra 6owela ,a re7t laha !

Event: ACK 4th Talent Show is on June 2 @ 7pm

ACK 4th Talent Show  where you can listen to and see Music, break dancing, and Theatre, (ACK Jam) and much more, everyone is welcome!  There will be raffles at the end of the show giving you a chance to win prizes.
  When: June 2nd - at 7 pm

Tickets: 2.5 KD
Contact Number: 94050099 - 66646746 - 66989117 - 67098797 Available from 8 am till 6 pm

Shanghai Tang bloggers Night - Part One

last night I was invited with many bloggers to attend the “Dress to Impress” event at SHANGHAI TANG – Kuwait – but as usual i came late so i didn't meet anyone :( , anyway i loved Shanghai Tang collections and i fall in love with some pieceswhich i will talk about in my next post .
anywy i must metioned that Shanghai Tang has been the pioneering China luxury lifestyle brand with international presence with its mission as the global ambassador of contemporary Chinese Chic, Shanghai Tang showcases the best of Chinese heritage and craftsmanship through a unique product universe and multi-sensory shopping experience aslo they have  40 boutiques in the world's most prestigious shopping districts, including Shanghai, New York, Paris, London, and Madrid.

what i loved about thier collocation is that Shanghai Tang interprets Chinese culture and craftsmanship with  the best of Chinese materials from luxurious Chinese silk to the finest Mongolian cashmere and precious Chinese jade with a freat finishing , to create a range of contemporary luxury lifestyle products that are proudly made by Chinese.

anyway when i came in i met the lovely Business Development Manager Hiba AL-Mansour she was very nice and welcoming and given me their SS2011 booklets and showed me thier colloction aslo asnswerd my question which i will talk about later .

its a small shop with a huge collections you could find Clothing for women, men, and kids/babies l, lovely accessories, handbags and Gifts whatever you want will find it their. Price tags the prices between 35- till 200ish KD.
Locations: Avenuse Mall Phase II, Next to Hacket and Lime Light.

the lovely Hiba AL-Mansour with the goodie bag
 i took some photos from Pink Girl Blog .

Shopping: Stylish Trendy Sandals!

Model “K3″ KD 25
I liked crazyyetwise post a  about Stylish Trendy Sandals (Flats), i love these kind of flats they are trendy and stylish , i love the flat that has the concept of multi uses because you could wear for many occausions whether for parties, shopping, and work  she’ve tried them herself and recommended them saying "they are very comfy"  also All sizes are available, price Range 25-30 KD.
Call: 99082292 for order & more details.

Model “K4″ KD 30
Model “K1″ KD 25
Model “K2″ KD 25

صاحب السمو يخرج من المستشفى

Our H.H The Amir is Out of The Hospital :D

Salamat Bo Nasser 

The 1st kuwaity sport newspaper!

This is the 1st time I knew that there is a kuwaity sport newspaper and this is the issue number 13th , anyone hurd about it before?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Shanghai Tang Night , Stay Tuned!

Shanghai Tang Night , Stay Tuned!

Win SLS cars with NBK

You could win one of these three SLS cars with NBK Read More!
مع الوطني SLS فرصة لربح 3 سيارات مرسيدس قراءة المزيد

I Loved Haifa Wahbe New look

Lebanese pop star Haifa Wehbe released the orange-saturated cover of her new album. she dyed her hair orange and wore an outfit of the same color. Wehbe’s album will be released in June 2011 and features 13 tracks, one of which is a duet with a famous performer that Wehbe refused to name.
Haifa recently finished recording a new children's song which will be released as a single after her album's release. i love the new look..YC/ 
تستعد الفنانة اللبنانية هيفاء وهبي لتسجيل ألبوم جديد باللهجة الخليجية وذلك لأول مرة في تاريخها الفنية حيث سينطلق الالبوم في يوينو المقبل حيث اتخذت اللون البرتقالي اطلاله لها حيث صبغت شعرها باللون البرتقالي واتخذت لون التان لبشرتها , عجبني اللوك كثير 

Competition : Red Bull Snapped

Snapped is the newest creation by Red Bull; It is the only place where Red Bull events can be seen through the camera lens of the public. Anyone can register, start uploading their photos taken at Red Bull events, and expose their own creativity!
Towards the end of year 2011, Red Bull Snapped will announce a competition for all members; and will give exciting prizes. To participate, they have to sign up, create a profile, build it by uploading photos taken during Red Bull events, and nominate 1-5 pictures from their own portfolio; It’s as simple as that. Just do what you do best and don’t forget to recharge your batteries..Don’t delay, register, and snap away. Via the side talk blog

Sunday, May 29, 2011

سمية الخشاب ترشحت للرئاسة المصرية على "تويتر"

الممثلة المصرية سمية الخشاب اعلنت عبر صفحتها الرسمية على موقع (تويتر) عن نيتها الترشح لرئاسة الجمهورية في الانتخابات المقبلة، وأن لديها خطة طموحة لبناء مصر والارتقاء بشعبها والقضاء على البطالة حيث تواكب  مع هذه التصريحات  موجة من الانتقادات الساخرة من كلامها، والتي لم تتوقف حتى بعدما أعلنت الفنانة أنها لن ترشح نفسها في الانتخابات، مؤكدة أنها ليست لها أية نشاطات سياسية سابقة، وأنها لا تهتم بتولي المناصب سواء كانت على الصعيد الفني أو السياسي - وفقا لما صرحت به لموقع (الدستور) الأصلي في القاهرة.
ومن بين الصفحات الساخرة على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي (فيسبوك) صفحة بعنوان: (لو سمية الخشاب اترشحت لرئاسة الجمهورية هنطالب بعودة مبارك) في إشارة منهم إلى أن عهد مبارك أفضل من عهد سمية المقبل، بينما أخذ بعض الزائرين هذا

Banana Taipei Bags @ Panacheous

At last the most wanted and waited for Banana Taipei bags are back in stock @ Panacheous! now they are available in 10 different colors for 40 KD only.

DAWN by Reem AL-Nisf

i tried DAWN by Reem Al-Nisf at Life with cacao at 360 mall , i liked the decoration because i believe that the eye most fall in love with the food before taste or the smell but what about the taste? to be honest i didnt like it much and if i choose to eat a red velvet i will go to Georgetown CupCak  which i tried before.
جربت حلو داون - لريم النصف الي كان معروض في كافيه الحياة مع كاكاو في مجمع 360 حيل حبيت الديكور المقدم الحلو فيه لانني اؤمن ان العين تحب قبل ان تجرب ولكن الطعم لم يعجبني كثير وان اردت ان اكل ريد فيلفيت مره ثانية راح اطلب من كعك جورج تاون .
why i didnt like? because it was sooooooo sweet while im a chocolate person but i couldnt complete the dish without drinking a Black American Coffee also the Cake must served with a Fruits instead of the ice cream because its already too sweet , anyway good luck to you sister it was good as start.
ليش ما حبيته؟؟ لان طعمه كان وايد وايد وايد وايد وايد حلو مع ان انا احب الشيكولاته يعني اقدر اتحمل هالنوع من الحلو اللاذع بس ماقدرت اكمل نصه الا مع قهوة سودة بأختصار كان المفروض الحلو يتقدم مع فواكهه علشان يخفف الطعم بدال الايس كريم , بالنهاية اتمنى لها التوفيق في بدايتها.

Today Lunch from Cafe supreme

I ordered hallomi sandwiches and potato wedges , sooo yummmy
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6 Online Store with a Huge Discount! Hurry Up

Deal: Register at or say “Friends and Family” at Diesel stores to save 30% off regularly priced merchandise. Some exclusions apply.
Ends: Monday, 30 May 2011
Jack Spade
Deal: Enter code JACKSALE30 at checkout to save an additional 30% off sale prices
Ends: Monday, 30 May 2011
C&C California
Deal: Enter code EMEMDAY40 at checkout to save 40% off your regularly-priced purchase
Ends: Monday, 30 May 2011

Zero + Maria Cornejo
Deal: Up to 40% off the 2011 resort collection, plus 20% to 30% off spring/summer 2011
When: Monday, May 30 through Wednesday, July 15. Mon—Sat 11am—7pm, Sun noon—6pm.
Ends: Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011

Tuleste Market
Deal: 50% to 90% off past-season and current jewelry and current shoes. Jewelry is $10 to $60 (down from $75 to $200) and shoes are $50 to $200 (down from $295 to $425)
When: Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29. Daily 10:30am—7pm.
Ends: Sunday, 29 May 2011
Geren Ford
Deal: Take 50% off everything
Where/When: Online only, through Monday at midnight
Ends: Monday, 30 May 2011

Competition: "Best Beauitful Room" by Italian Concept

The Italian Concept will start a special contest that will be holding next month. The contest is a search to find the “Most Beautiful Room in the Middle East.” Winners will be chosen by the users through voting. they will also have other prize winners including: Most Inviting Room, Most Elegant Room, and Most Colorful Room.
 This contest is a first in the Middle East and the winners will receive beautiful Italian lighting fixtures and chandeliers from Italian concept  FaceBook Page
 محلات المفهوم الايطالي "italian concept" صممت المسابقة الاولى من نوعها في الشرق الاوسط وذلك باختيار افضل تصميم اي غرفة من غرف المنزل وسيتم اختيار الفائز بناء على تصويت القراء والمتابعين بالاضافة الى ان هناك سيكون هناك جوائز جانبيه منها جائزة ارقى تصميم , افضل الوان, و افضل فكرة لتصميم غرفة . لمزيد من المعلومات زوروا صفحة الفايس يوك فكرة جديدة ومميزة براااافووو اتاليان كونسيبت  

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cute baby Nick shoes!

I found a very cute Nick shoes at Nick 360 mall for 9-12 months babies ,its sooooo cute, i love it !

Dates Cola!

I received this photo due BBm but I don't know if it real or rumor , its show that Dubai will produce a Dates Cola.
وصلتني هالصورة عبر البلاكبيري ماسنجر بس مادري إذا صج ولا لا ان دبي راح تنتج كولا بطعم التمر

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fee agdam men chethi!

Ma adry ishfeny fa9la 3ala my childhood candies .. Tekfoon fee agdam men Caramel LOG!!
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ساحة الصفاة حاليا

“@kwtnews: ساحة الصفاة حاليا .. تواجد مكثف لرجال الداخلية والقوات الخاصة”

Islamic swim wear @ UNO- Today

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Tutti Frutti my Childhood mate

Sh5abary candy Tutti Frutti hatha kan my childhood favorite candy, ayaaaam.

Mino ma ye3arfaaaah??

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday IYAA

Today in the early morning the HR Manager secretary called my office and told me that she need us (me n my collecgues) in urgent meeting at our office , so we closed Twitter and all the broswer and the blogs im reading while part of my job following the blogs bs we terrified anyway after like one hour we saw her coming with the secretary saying 'HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPY BIRTHDAY' to my colleagues .
la tefhmony qala6 i was trying to cut the cake :D
At that moment i wanted to kill all of them cuz kena in7ataaaaaaay shelsalfaaaaaa, anyway Happy Birthday IYAA men b3d el 5ar3aaaaa, btw el cake kant -10/10.

I'm in the Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa!

 I took the 82 place yoooohooooo, im so so happy , Danderma made this Alexa based list of the top 100 Kuwaity blogs she know about according to the rankings of today the 26th of May the blogs are originating from Kuwait whether they are by Kuwaiti Nationals or not and

Thank you Danderma you made me day also thank you for my readers who helped me to spread my writing and thoughts . Check out Danderma Post

1 Q8ping 112
2 Meenakon 172
3 Abo Flan 190
4 Frankom 197
5 ilsul6ana 219
6 248am 231
7 Chraimba 382
8 HiKuwait 502

The La Mer - Navy Shimmer&White leather strap, YUMMY

Who dosent know the La Mer Collections' Signature Chain and Charm Watch Style. They are stylish, amazing, and unique therfore its provide by a local online store which is The Manhattan.

What i liked the most about La Mer watches that it has a double use as a charm/chain bracelet & watch-- which makes it an extremely versatile accessory for ANY occasion, and their affordable price tag (40-50kd) makes it easy to own more than one!

So i heard they has received  Spring/Summer 2011 Collections and i fall in love with the Extra-long soft Navy Shimmer leather strap topped with a second layer of white - gold studded 1/4" leather. Gold plated simple chains and topped with cast Gold plated Nautical charms.

What do you think shall i order it or i go to the bright colors?

Will you pay more 400 KD for a Ripped T-shirt?

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in the past two years–Swedish glaciers in the Grand Palais, Courtney Love performing in a gas station, Karl Lagerfeld drinking Diet Coke out of a crystal goblet in Madison Square Park–but nothing’s so completely insane as this Balmain t-shirt.
 It’s $1,625 which mean more than 400 KD that’s $65 more than this Balmain leather bag , And it’s cotton; A cotton t-shirt with holes.I  think anyone can rip holes in the right place, and the fact that this cotton t-shirt costs as much as a Chanel bag is beyond absurd, with all due respect to Monsieur Decarnin. Unless the inside of it’s coated in gold leaf, whoever buys it is a wackadoo.

بصراحة انا شفت اشياء وايد مينونه من مصممي الازياء وعارضينها بس موضوع اني اشتري تي شيرت بقيمة 1625 دولار يعني ما يقارب 400 دينار كويتي شئ مبالغ فيه وخيالي فما بالكم اذا كان التي شيرت مقطع ومشقق !!! .. يعني تخيلوا ان سعر هالتي شيرت يعادل جنطة شانيل !!! والله اشتري الجنظة ابركلي .. ولا انتووو اشرايكم مو حده فسق ؟؟ وتفلسف 

Shopping: "Q8up2Date" New Online Store

Q8up2date is a Kuwaiti online fashion store, that is initiated to offer the most fashionable products at your maximum comfort.
 Q8up2date موقع تسوق الكتروني كويتي يقدم اطرز واحدث مستلزمات الموضة من ملابس واكسسوارات واحذية للنساء والاطفال !

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

حملة لضرب النساء السعوديات المتجرئات على القيادة في السعودية!!!

Some Saudi people start a FaceBook Campaign to encourage them to beat/hit any Saudi women who dare to drive her own car by herself inside the KSA , SHAME ON THEM ay shay wain ga3deen ????? via kuwait news

اطلقت حملة عبر موقع فيسبوك لتشجيع الرجال على استخدام العقال لضرب النساء اللواتي سيقدن سياراتهن في 17 حزيران/يونيو ضمن حملة نسائية للمطالبة بمنح السعوديات حق القيادة , واؤيد صفحة "حملة العقال" اكثر من 6200 شخص، الا ان بينهم من يجري مداخلات لمهاجمة القيمين على الحملة.

وكتب احد اعضاء الصفحة "من شخصي الموقر اعلن عن تبرعي بخمسين كرتون عقال سيتم توزيعها في الاشارات للشباب ليقوموا بتقويم النساء العاصيات الخارجات عن نظام البلد وسيتم تربيتهن لان تربيتهن لم تتم حسب الاصول في منابعهن الفاسدة",كما يقترح مشارك آخر بان "ياتي كل واحد بسيارة قديمة ويقوم بحك سيارة اي امراة تسوق في 17 يونيو

Food Recipe: Cut it to the size of a duck head?what?

i was reading a food Recipe book talking about the kuwaiti old food recipe ,anyway when i was mendamja reading i say the following sentence:
كنت مندمجه قاعده اقرى كتاب عن الطبخ الكويتي الصادر عن احد المطاعم المشهوره في الكويت وتقدم اكل كويتي قحححح وانا اثرى انصدمه لما قريت الجملة التالية:
Cut potato in the size of a duck head ???haaa what dose that mean!!1
قطع البطاط بحجم قياس رأس البطه , شنو هالتشبيه ؟؟؟