Sunday, April 3, 2011

Puppies For Adoption

I Have two amazing dogs (Orlando and Kare) , the female just born 8 healthy puppies for the 3rd time so they are not yet ready to adoption , but after 2-3 weeks they will be so . 

So I'm looking for someone who can take of one of them , i  want to donate them to the people who loving dogs and promise to take care of them , BTW they are German and Finnish Spitz  the male is Pure but the female she's mixed but im not sure which breeds.




Anonymous said...

They are so adorable. But goodness, I wish people would spay/neuter their dogs & cats so they don't have to go through the worry of finding them homes. Many times, puppies like these end up in shelters or on the streets because people don't take the responsibility of owning a pet seriously... haram.

Anonymous said...

i would love to help, but how much is the price? i used to have dogs growing up, bs they grew old... and well, they had to be put to rest:(


Rainy said...

Anonymous : I will never let my dogs go throw operation or spY/ neuter.. I will never put them in risk ... If no one adopt them I will keep them in my home because I already built a room to K&O .. But you are right too many people didn't take responsibility of owning pupies.. Thank you

Noor: total free if you promise to take care of them

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm looking for a female Dog just like the 1st picture u have above cuz I already have a male and am looking for a female.. not a small puppy though can u help?

if so plz email me baack
Dunia al beshara

Rainy said...

Dunia: thank you for your post .. but i must tell that they grow up very fast .. btw when i bought Kare she was 3 months years old and orlando was 1 years old so if look at them now you thought they are from the same age..

Dunia said...

Hello ,

I'd like to order a female one plz if its ok?

Rainy said...

yes, sure but you must know that they are a inside home dogs , they can't handle the heat on the summer so if you decide to put them outside the house you must provide A/C.

they will be ready for adoption on 2-3 weeks

Anonymous said...

Omg, adopting a puppy has been my DREAM. I would LOVE to take them back home and I'm pretty sure that we're going to spend a lot of time with them. In fact, and without a doubt, we're going to be a one, big, loving family.

I'm from Dubai. I'm looking forward for your reply.

Thanks so much <3

- Maithany Al Darmaki

Anonymous said...

Plz plz plzzzzzz let me have one of them
I promise ill take care of them and provide any thing they need
Such adorable Puppies totally in love them

Sarah m.

Rainy said...

Wow , I'm happy , impressed , amazing feeling that my puppies will be in safe .. Sarah thank you a lot for offering home for my puppies within 3 weeks they will be ready ..

Maithany .. I'm from Kuwait so its hard to send them over seas , thank you solo much for offering a home to my puppies ... Having a dog such an amazing thing.. When you see the loyalty and the love in their eyes you will know how precious they are

Anonymous said...

Really I cant wait ,I hope they will be ready before 3 weeks
But I'll start learning how to talk care of this kind of adorable puppies

Sarah m.

Rainy said...

thank you sarah your so cute but i think you must read this article just to be prepared:

Rainy said...

by the way they are 3 Males and 5 Females .. bingoo :D

None said...

I knw thse dogs vry well

thy r for my cusioin mohammad.

Rainy said...

Thank you for your respond, Orlando is my dog since along time (more than 3 years), and Kare i bought her from soug al 7amam..

Just a Though said...

Ok definatly .. plz can u email me of when and how much for me to adopt the cutie pie :p

thanks alot

Rainy said...

Dunia: Sure i will email but in case i forgot some of the people who emailed me i will put new post announcing that they are ready, thank you again

Anonymous said...

no i jst see them in uncle mohammad camp

befor 3 month

i knw they are for hem and i wnt one

i wll ask hem

Rainy said...

ask him! and tell me if you get one ;)

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