Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday Shopping @ Salhiya

Yesterday i went to Salhiya with my 2 lovely cuzin "MiMi & LuLu" and my adorable niece Tota  , Anyhow we like a lot of things but we bought some things .

for people who dosnt know that i have addiction to Fendi  , and i love all there stuff anyway the photo will talk.
i fall in love with the Orange for 283 KD

my chose: LV Double Ring for 150 KD
LV Ear Ring for 145 KD but i dont know why 3 together
my cuzin chose: Fendi for 609 KD
Versace Sunglass Lady Gaga shape cut for 68 KD
my chose: Fendi Ear Ring for 51 KD
Fendi new summer collection


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