Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to: Re design Your T-Shirt!

I bought T-Shirts from H&M shop in the Sale session prices ranging between 1.500 to 2.500, they are very comfortable but it is difficult to wear casual clothes at work so i decided to change them.

 Kolaf (i called them accessories)
I went to BLokat (kuwait city-sharg) and I bought some accessories (Kolaf) that I can add them on the T-Shirt ,  so  i went to the tailor and told he to do few changes some of them it cut them into V-Nick shape, see the photos.

after added my touches
this one from Forever 21 - Changes: V-Nick Cut plus the golden ribbon
changes: the white flower ribbon
changes: the silver round balls in the shoulder and the hand
changes: the green ribbon
changes: V-Nick Cut plus the sliver and golden ribbon
changes: the sliver coins (leyrat)
Now i can wear them at work , what do you think ??


Mademoiselle said...

i like.
show us more of your creations please!

Rainy said...

Thank you dear , I will share all my thought with my readers .. Thank you for passing by

W said...

The accessories idea is very economical and clever.

It adds style to the t-shirts, and is a good technique in saving money as well.

Double achievement u got there. nice idea.

Rainy said...

Yes W you are right it's good for saving money also it's good to have your own style , thank you

LadyB said...

Cute ! I really like it ;)

Rainy said...

thank you dear , the good thing that every t-shirt cost me around 3-4 kd

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