Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Stopped My Twitter Account!

When i start blogging i did that to take me away form my routine and tough work .. i found bloging /tweeting my gate to chat with people and have new friends ... i never thought that chatting with people and being active it's consider as easy going girl ... there are alot of differences between being 5AFIFA and active ... i wish that i have been anonymous but it's MY BAD .. because of this i stopped my twitter ... and DON'T SEND ME ANY INVITATION without a good case or a gathering for women bloggers ..

i knew alot of good men bloggers and unfortunate i even met the worse bloggers .. it's my first confess but SERIOUSLY I HATE BEING IN KUWAIT WITH THE MOST AWFUL MEN MENTALTY ..

THANKS TO MY SPECIAL FRIEND WHO LIGHTED ME ... Im so sad so so so sad i thought every blogger will see me as a sister and the blogger eli ga3id ye3alig 3ala el lebs GET A LIFE IDIOT


BeRo0Q8 said...

Well Said..
Some People Do MisUnderstand the way you talk to them..
just Don't Be Sad.. And Plz Don't Stop Ur Twitter Account cuz of them
What about Us ?!!!
:*** Luv Ya

His said...

This is the social media world. We always get haters. You shouldn't stop because of anyone. Look at your followers it means people like you and want you to bloG/tweet.

People will judge regardless of what you wear. No matter what you do you wipl never satisfy everyone. Just ve yourself for the ones who like you.

Bahar said...

I know that you don't know me you might have heard about my blog, but I want to comment on your post because I am shocked :/ I read your tweets and I saw you very active person I like your tweets and I love your blog, don`t let those petty people make you stop they don`t deserve, there are a lot of good people (bloggers) I wish that I know you will so I can force you to reopen your account again

rencontrer Pauline said...

Yes true tara fee yuumaaa mnhm bloggers; p o shako 5fifa mlch sh'3l fehm just because being rlly friendly n joke around y3ni 5fifa madre shg3d agool bs yes that's what might others think, n I got to admit there are some popular bloggers that disapointed me which I hardly forgive bs Nooooooo don't stop malch sh'3l feehn ya5tii 5l ewaloon haaaaaw: D

dudette said...

I get what you are trying to say and I understand it but I really don't see why you closed your twitter account because of whoever it was talking you should care about what people think because people here talk about you regardless you have a twitter account or not:)

dudette said...


DragsterQ8 said...

I totally disagree with what you did, even thoug I don't have the right to .....
Letting those low life's to have the upper hand over you and draw back in fear of them.

I don't think that this is you, I've just recently saw your blog and followed you on twitter, and from what I read you rock girl.

Be brave and fight those pathetic minds and you know that all bloggers males/females will back you up, you said it your self on Friday morning you are feeling that we are a family and family members will always got each others back.

Rainy come back and crush those close minded objects and I know very well that you are brave enough to do so.

Bo_hubash said...

كلام الناس مايخلص و صدقيني لو تسوين الي يعجبهم همن راح يتكلمون عنج وينقدونج

لا تكونين حساسه من كلامهم اذا انتي شايفه الي تسوينه صح

على قولت الشاعر إذا أتتك مذمتي من ناقص فهي الشهادة لي بأني كامل

ولا تهتمين الى الي تشوفينه يبي مصلحتج وتثقين فيه اما باجي الكلام لاتحطيله اعتبار

جذي راح تخلينه نفقدج ونفقد تويتاتج على العموم انشالله تكون لحظه غضب وبعدها تردين بكلامج :)

Jacqui said...

I just found out that you closed your Twitter account, I was being asked by a friend why did Rainy close her account I didn't think it was true since I remember seeing your Follow Friday tweet earlier this morning before I slept. Now I am saddened by the news.

I apologize from now because this comment will be extra long and you will get bored eventually but I have to say all of this.

First of all, you have just let them win. You just lost your first battle if you gave in this easily.

Second of all, in this world, especially in any society there will be a love and hate relationship with everyone around you. Jealous people will hate you because of what you do, how you look, how you act, etc. And others will love you because the see the genuine person that you are.

I don't know you that well, I met you recently at some events and to be honest (I like honesty) at first I didn't like you that much not because of you personally but because I too have been influenced by society by judging people before knowing them. I was kind of jealous of your awesome social self. To tell you the truth I am jealous from mostly anyone who is socially better than I am. I hate interacting with people but once I make friends then khalas it's social me out there for everyone to see! Anyways so I didn't like you that much but eventually as we got to see each other at events and as I read through your blog I liked what I saw and saw a person who had an awesome mind and an awesome message to send out. It's a shame now that they have succeeded in silencing you and in turn sort of "breaking you" they will always say "Yeah we rock we are the people who made her shut her twitter account. Today it's twitter tomorrow we will get her to stop blogging."

Third of all, walla ana the3t eshwey hehe ma athker what I wanted to say in my third point. Oh okay like what mostly everyone said up there. Don't take things personally because sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. At the moment the way I deal with haters is by blocking them and ignoring them. You should do the same. The people who talk shit about you, sekehom BLOCK DELETE and don't waste any sleep on them.

Fourth of all, come back to twitter or else. And you don't want to know what the or else is. You have now joined the ranks of my real life friends and I protect and sometimes occassionally bully my friends :P Fa come back to twitter or else I will let loose on you my pet tiger :P And he will force you to come back! Yalla I want to fight o atnaqash with smart ladies on twitter and although there are a bunch out there, none of them are Rainy :D

And that is the end of it, seriously a7es eny ketabt post :/ This should count as a post :P

Yalla come back!

Rainy said...

bero: your from the people im honered to know and you have my number and we will always stay on touch.

This is the social media world. We always get haters. You shouldn't stop because of anyone. Look at your followers it means people like you and want you to bloG/tweet.

His: im honoerd to know you and your lovely amazing wife , but their judging ma yhemni bs as i said myloon times my blogging was my zone to be away from all the negative stuff, thank you for your comments.

Bahar: yes i have heard about your blog and believe me im relive that the good people are exist eli mo kel shay yefhomna qala6

Rainy said...

Pauline: el meshkela they knew eni face to face i don't dare to say hi so i thought they knew me bs 3ala golat dad kel 6rag eb ta3loom, thanx dear for you comment.

dudette: thanx huni but because i don't care about them i stopped my twitter account because i don't need to hear all of that because inside im know how pretty i am.. it's my life rule "anything make me feeling sad i disconnect it".

DragsterQ8: you might knew about my blog lately but by this comments i would of say that you know me well, someday i will be back but after updating myself cuz alot of things must change, im happy i got the support from all of you.

Bo_hubash: انا ما همني شنو قالوا او بيقولون انا الي ضايقني ان اعتبر وايد منهم اخوان لي وللاسف اطلعوا مو كفو .. فا لازم ابعد واكيد يوم راح ارجع في تويتر بس راح تكون لي طريقة يديدة مع الكل

Rainy said...

Jacqui: i love your honesty .. liking me or hating me won't bother me u know why? beucase its a human nature .. people judge before knowing you well .. bs el yeghar if you know the inside Rainy and you still hate me this is a horrible ... because i know how beautiful i am from inside .. i took to many years working on my inside beauty, so when i know or tried to show people the inside me and they just care about the outside look its hurt so so so bad.. so i must do i step bakwards to think again about what i did and i must update myself with the way to deal with every blogger cuz some of them earn my respect from day one and still they are and some of them lost my respect .. and YOU are one of the people i would love to know them closely such an honor to know someone like to you .. honest, loving her little sis and succeed in achieving her dreams.. thanx for you long joyful comment .. i mean Post :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

El comments kaffow o waffaw about this situation. When I felt like closing my twitter account a while ago. I just left it and toke a long break. Then I protected my tweets and blocked who ever think of sending inappropriate tweet that insinuate any insult. I still do the ( block mn awal ma a7is Ina el insan ele jidami elammi7 3ala ay shy ghala6 ow yaghli6) bs I unprotected my tweets. O did not let them win! Twitter and blogging was so clean and soooooo fun back in 2009 when I started it. Bs hathi deertich o hathool shababha .. Filter them and enjoy this world with real men ele 9ij et7eseenhm mithl khwanich.

Aziz Q8Blend said...

there will be people who hate u, but there will be always people who care about u,this is life.
people comments is a story which will never end, so the best thing to do is to IGNORE them, i personally know you are strong enough to survive this & i believe in that.

Brownsuger said...

I just heard from a friend that ur stopping ur twitter and came 2 ur blog to check and I got shocked from what ur going through! but come on u have to be stronger (ويا جبل مايهزك ريح) and just like what the others side this is social media and believe me we've all faced things like this but we got by
don't magnify small issues and make them bring u down
Now I'm sad and this coming from a happy optimistic person is big ... Take some time off but not too much don't make us miss u ... And keep ur head up!

iMaGiNaTiOn said...

LOOK RAINY , even though I only knew your via your blog and twitter and we had some chats there . YOU ARE AMAZING so -excuse the expression- SCREW THEM ALL. yes , just ignore them , and look to the bright side . you are a diva cuz you got some haters girl . That proves the point that you were right , that you were good , that you were much better than them . What they said is ONLY their point of view and mostly they made it up just to harm you . We all get those stuff everyday . and the best thing to do now is to look at the mirror , smile and say "I'M Rainy ( of course say your real name ) and i'm BETTER " and get back to twitter . or ELSE ( as Jacqy said ) . We all love you . b3dain I'm coming to Kuwait very soon inshallah , you don't want me to be sad :(
and my birthday is next week inshallah so being re open your twitter account is my birthday gift from you , deal ? ok done deal . Waiting you

D said...

Why does everyone else seem to be aware of what's going on except me? Cause I read your post and I didn't get why you're cancelling your twitter. Are you okay sweetie?

Jacqui said...

Your welcome for the long post and I love and appreciate all the words you said. Bs again we hope you reconsider and come back.

Personally I wouldn't notice hehe since I have a gazillion people I follow I rarely read my timeline ela sometimes and I definitely always answer whoever tweets me :P So yeah it would be awesome to get tweets from you!

You could come back and protect your tweets therefore no one will bother u :D

Rainy said...

RuBY_GLooM:Yea thats what i have already did, i just sign out bs no more No more communication with others and won't be entering the acc.. losing my twitter account a while ago dear let them win i don't care cuz it's not my was war! and i still say there are too many male bloggers i do respect them bs the rest.. defiantly i will Filter them, thanks huni.

Rainy said...

Aziz Q8Blend: you are right 3aziz ignoring is blessing .. and that what will happen .. and you are right im storng because of this i took a decision of posting about this, and i swear next time if anyone cross his line i will post about him with photo proof of his conversation.. thanx bro

Nasser said...

You shouldn't stop.

PS: Ignorance is a virtue :)

Rainy said...

iMaGiNaTiOn: "SCREW THEM ALL" the right sentence for the disgusting people, i can't just ignore .. shababna should be more mature ... we3 we3 we3 all the think about is how to hook up with this girl .. really disgusting.. when i came to the blogging i dont want to have haters bs shagool hathi derti o hathol 3ayalha .. happy birthday bro mogadaman

freaka said...

rainy i know i only talked to you a few times in twitter but really I'm a big fan and really hope we become blogging sisters , we'll miss you in twitter and i really hope you reconsider closing the account

iMaGiNaTiOn said...

No rainy , hatholy not 3yal deertich , hatholy the bad part of them , el baji ya zeenhom o mo7tarameen. bs hatholy ........... shagool bs

Rainy said...

D: yea isn't wired it's seem to be normal thing which is sad .. thank you for asking dear .. yea everything will be fine.

Jacqui: girl seriously i love you :D

Nasser: you are right but i will consider it as istera7at mo7areb :D

freaka: i so happy cuz i posted about this.. do u know why??? cuz if i didn't i wouldn't such as a good people like you .. and take it for garantee my loving people list .. cuz you know that i didn't know u and still u put ur comments which really made my day .. thank huni

imagination: i admitt that there are alot of good people bs 3ala golat el gail el emicha el 5isa et5ais 3ala baji el smich

Jacqui said...

7beebti walla I love u too hehehe :* Yalla give me a gift and come back to tweeting :P

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