Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mother begs for helping her burned son!

A 9-year-old boy whose face was badly burned in a fire has been begging with his mother on the streets of a Chinese city in order to raise money for medical treatment, according to AFP.  He has undergone two skin grafts and wears a mask to prevent his wounds from becoming infected. Yang's family has already spent more than 200,000 Yuan ($31,270) on hospital bills, but they have been left badly in debt and say that they cannot afford to pay for the further treatment that he needs.
 when i see those kind of causes i wish if i have alot of money to help them ... it's heart breaking how this kid couldn't live like any normal kid.. he have a life full with pain ... But you know what i hate about this story!! that the writer at the MSNBC write the story without giving any details about this family .. like if they are just collecting drama to attract more readers!! imagine there was 28 comments asking for address to help this poor kid But unfortunately no one reply!

one of the readers said; "HOW or WHY wasn't their information taken when someone was so "brave" to take photos of them from a distance? or how has not ANYONE responded on how to help this family. it saddens me and i hope we do hear from someone about how to ACTUALLY help them instead of just take pictures of them" i totally agree.


BeRo0Q8 said...

poor kid..
To write about a cause is something and helping is something else.. but to help others by writing is the best u can do !!

to0 bad the writer didn't see what's beyond the story he's telling..

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