Sunday, September 11, 2011

شـوفوا بنـات افغـانستان!!

This gym for women in Kabul is one of several USAID projects in Afghanistan.An Afghan girl practices during gymnastics class at a U.S. funded gymnasium Kabul, Afghanistan. The facility, called the Alzahra Cultural and Sport Association, U.S. initiative to promote women's issues in Afghanistan, including grants for businesses run by Afghan women, promotion of girl's education and gender equality advocacy. In Afghanistan most women cannot read and suffer one of the highest maternal death rates in the world.
  امريكا اسست نادي لتعليم النساء القراءة والرياضة وهذا النادي الاول من نوعه في افغانستان وموجود في كابول ويمول من السفارة الامريكية .. يسمي بنادي الزهرة لتعليم الثقافة والرياضة .. الله يستر اي ثقافه!! بس زين انهم سوا شي لان انا ما سمعت ان اي دولة عربية سوت شي هناك !!


Ent Ya said...

We can't only wait & see the real purpose of this lol hoping it's for a good cause tho cause I dunno it just feels weird to have a foreign country, specially the United States doing such a project in a Muslim country, specially Afghanistan!

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