Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ramadan competition by eB6auniya!

As we know, Ramadan is a bit of a headache for a lot of q80 families who's trying to find new recipes to cook for "Futoor" so eB6ainiya Blog thought of an idea! "Ramadan's Recipe Competition" where everyone can participate with a specialized home recipe suitable for the month of Ramadan (Even you guys can join in :P) At the end of Ramadan, we will let the readers VOTE on who had the best recipe. The winner will be rewarded via e-mail a $350 Amazon gift card.

It can be appetizers, main course, or even desserts! But all you need is a killer recipe that could compete and seriously could win the whole thing! :P .. The Deadline for the competition would be on the 5th day of Ramadan. Join now what are you waiting for ! Competition Link


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