Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Shopping From Zara!

yesterday i went to shopping at Avenuse and unfortunately  i couldn't find anything interesting in the shops maybe because of the Sale or I already have everything , so i picked some pieces from Zara; the only shop eli 3ndah  good things.
 i love these Loose Jeans; they are so so so so comfy and cheap i got them for 10 KD , and the shirt "price 5 KD" is amazing you can wear it on black pants for official stuff or if you want to be causal you can wear it with pair jeans with belt and jacket.
 if you know me well you will know that i love the green color more than anything so when i found this jacket i luv it so i wanted to mixed colors because as everyone knows that brighting colors is the trend now so i mixed it with pink panther sleeveless t-shirt.
i advise everyone to get these jackets because these kind of style will stay trendy all the time, so get your jackets before the jacket season end , happy shopping .


RuBY_GLooM said...

love the combination of the jacket and pink panther Tee! bl3afya ..
so el soug mu shay :( ma sharaina 7ag el3eed ;/

Rainy said...

fedaitich mogadaman ... no i dont advise at all eny etroo7en el soog .. for 3eed i highly recommend that you design your own dresses which ive already did

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