Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are you on diet? Afraid from the Stretching Mark!!

Are you on diet??or pregnant in the last months?? and you are about to lose alot of your weight or giving birth!! won't you afraid from the sudden shrinking of your body type??? THEN you must think about the stretching Marks and to avoid them i recommended the Bio Oil!.. you could find it at Boots for around 12 KD.

Huda Beauty Review about Bio Oil:I found that using Bio Oil every single day at least 2-3 times per day starting at my 3rd month till about now has left me virtually stretch mark free. I also found that when I used it in areas where stretch marks looked they were beginning to form, they almost completely went away–pretty amazing! I also found that my skin looked more even-toned wherever I used the Bio Oil, and it really didn’t give me any breakouts, which is awesome because I always break out! I also liked that the smell was very soft, clean and kind of pretty!Continue Reading


Anonymous said...

love love Bio Oil !!!! amazing !

Rainy said...

yea its amazing i recommend every women using it

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