Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Dare You To Get This Haircut!

  Folks, there is some hair craziness going on in Portugal I can't decide if it's the best thing ever or the worst thing ever… but maybe don't let me near hair dye and a pair of scissors while I'm mad for awhile.
If i saw someone here in Kuwait doing these trends i will be "OMG" :S so now who can dare me to get this hair cuts?? OR what do you think? See More


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Rainy said...

oh thank you for your post and sure i will check your blog

isaac said...

I think this is actully pretty cool, a form of expression, I personally dyed my hiar pink when it was really short earlier this year. I was fed up with how short it was so I decided to go HOT PINK with it, so don't be all surprised we have some craziness here in Kuwait!

Xo Isaac

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