Sunday, July 31, 2011

My BaBy will Crush it!

As you know, each blogger sees his blog as his baby; and guess what my baby gave me the chance to be a member at the Crushing coming event.. 
by now you wonder what is going on, right?? weeeeelllll  i was invited by Zain and Hind Al-Naheth for the "Crush It" introduction at Zain Headquarters; where the idea and concept was explained in detail. Before I explain, you need to see the following video  .
The introduction was started with Zain representer Nasser AL-Mutawa then Hind Al-Naheth who is the the model of succeed Kuwaiti women "im so so so so proud of her and taking her as a challenge that someday i will reach where she did".
Then Mr.Khalid Al-Zanki Giving us more details about the seminar and gave us a sneak peek to dates that we must not forget, Crush It will  "Learn How-To Start & Grow Your Social Media Using Strategies and Tactics that WORK and PROVEN -- We'll Help You To Crush The Biggest Challenge in 30 Days"
 these are the befits that the bloggers will get if they joined the cricle; 4 modules of video training giving by Al-Naheth and AL-Zanki , full access to resources Guide, online mentoring & coaching, social media reviews and interactive community "Crash it club" .... yeaaa guyz its serioussss those guys took the competition to higher level, im so so so so excited
so if you wonder what is the Blogger Circle then here you gooo
 why is it??
Then he told us about the big hitting news that the mentor of social media Gary Vaynerchuk is coming to Kuwait to do a seminar for two hours and Q&A for another two hours. 
 who's Gary?
Really guyz as i saw "Crush it" is a very high level project i know if you joined , you will be winner in the future project , i worked in the marketing field from very long time and i never never saw anything so professional as i saw;
 if you are welling to start your business then believe me "Crush it" will be your destination why because as they said: "We're working hard at building the ultimate community for entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses or business owners who want to maximize their online marketing efforts using proven formula". don't miss the big introducing Crush It! Seminar on October 25th.

Are you interested and wonder where to go?? click here

Sponsored by Zain, Cinascape & Burgan Bank was generous to give every blogger a prepaid Burgan Bank card, thank you guyz i'm really excited


BeRo0Q8 said...

Wo0w This Is Big..!!
This Is so Gonna Help Bloggers Here
So Glad They Did Such An Amazing Thing :D

Rainy said...

yea it's try to join .. it's amazing opportunity

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