Thursday, July 7, 2011

That AL-Salasil: Build Your Child's Future with Books!

What I loved in this ad are two things; 1st they used pictures of children with Kuwaiti/Arab face features, why do i loved that? Because I  tired to see ads featuring non-Arab children, It gave me the sense that marketers want to send a message that these kind of ads not for us!!
The second thing, as I said repeatedly I love kids, i will support anything will serve their interest and i will help everything that help in developing their mental as i always said the best weapon for the Future is  "
Investing in building brains" , thank you THAT AL SALAIL and thank you for the beautiful lady who's make us updated Hiba AL-Mansour.


Hiba said...

am glad you liked it .. we're trying our best to promote this idea : )

thank u : )

Rainy said...

it's amazing idea , very normal shoot , also it shows how they are having fun ... sis if u needed anything let me kinow, i will be honored to help

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