Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chocolate Night with the beautiful bloggerette’s!

im too late in posting about this lovely event by Zain but last week was the chocolate day celebration and what other way to celebrate it with a girls night out with my beautiful bloggerette’s .

We were invited by Zain to Celebrate the at chocolate bar- Spoons ,as always i came late not because im lazy but the gathering was at 7pm and i finished work at 5:30pm so i had to go home have lunch and dress up so i came one hour late and to be honest thanks god i did that because  mashalah zain or Dudette ma 5alat shay ma 6elbtah and i dont want to break my diet.

it was really nice meeting The Mars Danderma, the Godiva Lady B, the Nestlé Pink Girl Q8, the M&M's  Froyonation and The Cadbury The Side Talk, the Hershey Menakon, and the Nutella Dudette, and for the first time the socialize girls the Lindt My Kitchen blog  and it was really nice meeting all of them , and girls remmber what happend at chocolate bar stay there :P!
This photo stolen from Dudette :P
 Thank you again for Dudette & Zain for organizing such a lovely event !


Abdul-Aziz said...

OMG , u went for chocolate girls gathering again this week !! :P lol

Rainy said...

Read man read I said last week , I know I'm late :( bs wala I was so overloaded with work :'(

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