Monday, July 4, 2011

My Lumix Camera!

My lovely camera from Lumix , it has alot of amazing options I recommend to beginners photographer also I think there is promotion on it at AL-Yousifi - panasonic you can get it for 99ish KD


brownsuger said...

I have 2 questions:
(1) why do you recommend it for beginners
(2) what's it featured

Just for your information in flickr that most camera being used ... are you ready for this ... is the iPhone 4!!

Rainy said...

hey brown sugar to be honest i dont like the iphone camera alot becuase of the low resolution .. but the DMC-TZ10 i liked it alot im not a professional in photoghrapher but since i bought this camera i start loving taking photos, also i bought it for 130ish Kd

and now there is promotion that u bought it with memory card and bag for 99 KD

16 Optical zoom
12 Mega pixel
video zooming (btw the sound amazing)
it could save the names to 6 names of people.

brownsuger said...

Ok the features of DMC are good for beginners.

As for going to the second level you should have your options only between Nikon, Cannon and Sony, yes Sony competes with those giants ;D and i would list the iPhone 4 cam with them :p

Most of the photos in our blog and twitter are from the iPhone ;) Cheers

Rainy said...

i tried sony before and you are right they are so good but also Lumix know one of the best .. and for the nikon maaan they are difficults :S

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