Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are we in Kuwait or Afghanistan?

spotted this guy selling items like a black market in the main door of the Al Adan hospital, I was really shocked , are we o. Kuwait!!

Al Adan hospital needs an urgent maintenance for everything starting from buildings, rooms, ACs... ect


brownsuger said...

خل عنج هالحجي انه شايفج علي الباب الثاني تبيعين اكسيسورارت

brownsuger said...


Rainy said...

لووووول جكيتي يعني ؟؟ بصراحة انا ابي البلدية تشيله علشان ما ينافسني لوووول

brownsuger said...

haha :D 7elwa ;)

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