Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Is Happiness? Question by Piscean

"What is happiness? How do we measure it? And how do we know we have it? At many times, people tend to underestimate and not appreciate what they have..That until they lose it..When they lose it, they become sad..Although they thought it didn’t make them happy before..Why is our race so ungreatful..Unthankful..Selfish"..

I've read these words at blog the amazing side talk blog and I still couldn't answer that question!! What is Happiness?? being close to god, seeing mom healthy and happy, being in love with someone who adore me and respect me, being wealthy & healthy , or happiness is where you can be yourself!!
it really worth sharing and reading , Don't miss it Read it here


Piscean said...

Thank you for sharing sweetheart <3

Rainy said...

Don't mention it really worth reading

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