Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amazing Respond to Zain's campaign!

I posted last week about that I recived an email from Zain telecommunication asking us as bloggers to spread the words about their second stage in the Social Responsibility Campaign called “Drive Zain”, i would love to help i love it when i see such a huge telecommunication company continue their campaign and never stop in one stage so i went to the place on Sat unfortunalty no one was there , i think the man in the photo was resting bs maybe they was in lunch break because i came to there booth at 1:30 pm anyway it was amazing effort; alot of people wrote their comments on the Pledge.

i took some photos the people comments and signatures.
Zain's Pledge
لا تتصل حتى تصل
don't tweet and drive
Don't Text & Drive!
20 fils = accident !
listen to the music and forget the phone!
الحافظ الله !
ارجوكم بسكم مسجات


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