Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let The Fishes Eat Your Feet, IT'S FUN

 Yesterday, me my friend Dr.Tea :P went to the Fisho Spa..and because my friend newly moved to Kuwait so i had the mission to show him what we got in kuwait :P

Anyway the place was so was quite, and cozy..And the staff were friendly and smiling all the way :P .. also she told me that we can talk photos as much as we can "luv it"
i start taking pictures, before putting my feet in :S .. to be honest i took to long because I got scared and i waited my friend to put his feet in to make sure they didn't eat his toes
if you can notice from the photo that all the fishes attacked my friend feet more than meeee (thanx god we do padicare :D) the fish looked like they were having feast.
some people by twitter asked me dose it hurt?? nooo at all it was tickling and the Fishies were so cute a9lan at some point i was afraid of hurting one of them by mistake .. and me and dr.tea was wondering if these fishes live in sweet water or salty, do u know why? because i had a bottel of water and we was thinking of taking some of them to home :D
 what did i like about the place? new fun idea; you can gather with your male friends, husband , or cousins also the place was "super clean" ; the water , and the filtering system was getting on and off about every 5-10 minutes..
we took the 30 minutes packages, for KD 5 each .. If you love spoil your feet, you should give them a try,For more info, you can call them on 96634746 or  FaceBook Page.


Brownsuger said...

What good dose it do for the feet .... And plz tell me thats not ur hands with all the hair :s

RuBY_GLooM said...

men are allowed in?
I though it's a girls only spa.

Rainy said...

brownsugar:eheheh hell no it's not my hand it's my friend hand :P and the benefit are:
1-Body cleaning – exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells.
2-Micro-massage (which reaches the deepest skin layers while improving blood circulation, thus the skin is better supplied with the oxygen, & as the outcome it becomes much softer & smoother);

Rainy said...

Ruby Gloom: yea men are allowed and if you tell them that you are coming with a man they asked if you want to be alone or they can have another appointment :D

BeRo0Q8 said...

That's Amazing really.. I Think I May Take My Sis's And BFF :p

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