Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kuwait Beauty Contest 2011

I saw this news at ilsul6ana blog that there will be a beauty contest and they are looking for a kuwaiti girl!! , I don't know what the requirements?? maybe they are looking for the inside beauty not as we think, all what we can do is waiting till  1st August-2011 because in this date the online application will be available. Link


Ent Ya said...

BEAUTY CONTEST & their website is hosted on a free server where they serve ads & stuff? not to mention the ugly design of the.. oh wait there is no design at all in their website LOL there actually nothing in there but a picture :D
I think the whole thing is a Joke & if it isn't it might be something some kids did like a school project or something lol it made my day tho :P so thank u!

Rainy said...

eheheheh i think so because it hard here in kuwait ena we have a beauty contest ... bs thank you 3ala ta7lil el 5abar , from now on im going to call you the design analysis blogger :P

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