Thursday, July 21, 2011

AL-Cohol legally in the kuwait market!!!

i posted earlier about this ads. and i was wondering why is this market for the diplomatic and forign but i didnt notice the cub with ice so the side talk noticed that , so i wanted to confirm that so i go through thier wesite and guess what??

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Anonymous said...

this is in Jordan not in Kuwait
how come u couldn't read it!!

Rainy said...

LOok at the ads. They said shari3 Tunis which is inside hawally

Anonymous said...

Noooo :) , there's a street called Tunis in Amman (Jordan) and they also got the same like us 4th, 5th ring roads :)

This Ad might be be in kuwait after 10 years :P

btw, this is my first time to get inside ur blog and its koool i love and ill keep waiting for every new , good Job

Rainy said...

Oh thank u fir the clarification ,, am so glad u like it .. Thank you

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