Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thats why i love Burger Hub!

Mushroom yummmmmy
Most of me friends ask me why do i love Burger Hub that much!! BECAUSE it's the only place i can enjoy eating the Viggies staff .. as everyone know that I'm vegetarian so when i go to any restaurant choose my food from either the appetizer or the salad while my friends enjoy eating there main course grrrrrrrrr so mean i know some restaurant have veggi dishes but have you ever tried them!! they are spicy like a hell i don't know what the related between the viggi food and the spicy ... helloooo I'm allergic to spices.
it's cheese with very fresh vegetable
 Anyway i love the Texas bites so every time i went to enjoy my Texas bites "cheese stuffed with corn" the burger hub surprised me with a new vegetarian dish made specially for me YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY or interduce me to new veggi dishes i never know it's exist because of the looong menu and to be honest wooooooooow they are amazing amazing every one must try them on specially the sandwiches in the top ... thank you guyz for your hospitality.
viggie casadia made specially  for meee men gadii :P


brownsuger said...

The Burger hub is also my Favorite burger place in Kuwait you should try the sicilyen

But if your ever in the US California to be exact try Umami burger its half beef and half beyond belief

Rainy said...

First of all maaaan how can u speak Japanese  Ana eli imjablathom 24 hrs ma atkalam like u ... Second diiiiiiiiiiiiid u read shino Ana katbaaaaaa I'm vegetarian 

Brownsuger said...

Kaaak!!! I'll tell u after u tell me how u speack Tagalo?

Secondly even though ur vegetarian u have to try meat once in a while ... I'm giving u names of things that r must haves ;D

Rainy said...

omg noooway i prefer eating alive fish wala akeel meat .. i love learning new languages so i start with the taglouge .. :D

brownsuger said...

Hummmm ... 3ayarh bo 6air but i'll tell u, my grand mother is Japanese from the Yakoza (Japanese Mafia) loool just kidding actually i love learning languages to and in 2007 i went for work there for 3 months and fell in love with their culture and then i became the last samurai =D

Rainy said...

looooooool i swear i believed the first story .. i was like remembering your face and saying haaaah his eyes has a normal shape loool.. yesterday at the cinema the Philippine worker at the food court asking me how do u speak tagloug maginda so i said my boy friend is philpinooo i left and he was shocked looool

brownsuger said...

Haha that's hilarious i have pretty eyes(@_@) :p

I guess he's shocked coz ur Philippiano boyfriend has low standards KaaaK just kidding

Rainy said...

yea yea yea yea right you know poor me im ugly inside/out :P

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