Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lady GaGa Little Sister

اخت لدي قاقا الي عمرها 19 سنة وتدرس في كلية من كليات التصميم ترفض انها تلبس نفس طريقة اختها خصوصا وانها محافظة .. ونعم فيكم خوش عائلة :P اشوه ضمنا ان ماراح اتيي مينونه ثانية
Although the pop diva's younger sister, Natali Germanotta, has no desire to work in the music scene, she does share her sis love of  wired fashion.


AMA Traveler said...

I love GaGa :p adri mynoonaaa loool bs went to her concert o fagaa 7beet.haa :D her sis is her designer 3shtaw etsaweelhaa themes her dresses and more o etqool ma t7b Tlbis mthl gaga ! Hahaha elthaher t7b etbahthil fi her sis !

Rainy said...

as i know she is doing her decoration designs not the clothes .. i think she said that at Operah winfery show.. i know some people know her bs seriously she's crazy

Anonymous said...

Gaga Is Amazing, First Natali Said She Won't Go On Gaga's Lead And Now She Has A Song.. Is She On Drugs?

Rainy said...

i don't know bs as i know GaGa was on alcohol diet.. isn't crazy!!

Räumung wien said...


Umzug Wien said...

شكراً على الموضوع ... :)

entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم .. دائما موفقين ..::))

entrümpelung wien

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