Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 emrgeny call # was a sign!

A September 11 2001 tribute, and a watch of what happened that horrible morning near World Trade Center buildings, A terrible saw of what happened on the towers . Never Forget 9/11/01 .. i love the American society and i know how they are kind and believe in freedom so i will never agree on what happened on September 11 because what their government political doing is something and the people lives is something else! 3000 families lost someone ... for the people who dosn't know what happend see the below video..
I always believe in sign so while im writing this post  noticed something that the emergency call number was 911 which is September 11 isn't wired !! wanna know how are the people who stucked in the buildings felt!! listen to the alive phone calls from these people..


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