Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Angola crowned Miss Universe !

The sixteen finalists stand in line during the Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Monday.
Miss Angola Leila Lopes is crowned Miss Universe 2011 by last year's winner Ximena Navarrete in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 1st runner-up was the 23-year-old Stefanko and the 2nd runner-up was Priscila Machado of Brazil, the 3rd was Miss Philippines and the fourth Miss China.


iMaGiNaTiOn said...

Seriously ?

BananaQ8 said...

Yeah they always choose the less beautiful ones, don't know why.

Rainy said...

Because I think they are looking for the inner beauty .. I've been in US and specially in Cleveland which is full with colored people. And all what I can say abt them is that THEY REALLY WORKing so HARD to be something

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