Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congratulation to Our New Journalist!

I'm seeing the blogging as my online home; home means that i have family so im looking to every blogger as my own family ... which made me so proud of their achievements... Jacqui a Kuwaiti blogger an Apple and gadget freak. who's recenlty pubished her first article at Al-Watan Newspaper talking about the Fall TV Preview” article in which she gave you a glimpse of “Happy Endings” her favorite show from the last mid-season. GOOD JOB girl this is just a step to go. Read the Article


Jacqui said...

Awww thanks alot babes! This means so much to me! By the way I welcome any criticism you might have if you see something I can work on more please do tell me!

I want more ideas and the more they are the merrier it is! Thanks again and yay!

Rainy said...

It's amazing .. Just keep it full with ur amazing energy and passion.. This is step to go ..

BeRo0Q8 said...

Great Really wish Her All The Best In Upcoming articles :D

Rainy said...

inshalah .. thanx for passing huni

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