Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glasses vs. Respect !

i think with my glasses people respects me and think i’m a professor, but without them kinda scare them an think am a “hell angel” :P ... is it true that the glasses make people respects you?


Aziz Q8Blend said...

depends on the glasses shape
once i had my geeky black glasses on & i felt super smart lol

MyBloogle said...

Lol! Hilarious! in my opinion, bald people, in general, look dangerous, like they just got out of jail (no offence to bald people).

its just aggressive, is it not?

anyhoo, was good to run into u, sort of,yesterday at the pitch, awaiting ur anaylsis :P

Rainy said...

aziz: loooool do you know when i wear my galsess i feel im invisble ehehe
myBloogle: some people looks good with the bald head but other look like crimenal eheh.. the last part i didnt understand it

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