Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't buy an island? Rent it!

Eueiki Island, Tonga, and Coupon Key, Florida Keys (Photos courtesy of Private Islands)
 I have been dreaming about vacationing in my very own private island? i always picture myself with my toes in the sand, listening to the palm trees sway and gazing at a blue sea? Well, believe it or not, the dream can be true now it's possible to rent a private island — and it's not just for celebrities and millionaires.
The Rania Experience, Maldives (Photo courtesy of Private Islands)
 There are private islands available to rent in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget, islands can range from rustic and untouched by the world to glamorous and all-inclusive. it's just up to what you desire.. i really need a vacation somewhere is the world away from anyone .. staying on the beach listenting to my favorite songs.


MyBloogle said...

wow, its like u read my mind, i have been looking into renting a private island for my honeymoon :P

what people do not get is, u dont rent the island entirely to urself, its a small island with like, 5~10 villas or so, spaced so that each has their own privacy.

I figure if u cannot take a muhajaba to the beach, bring the beach to the muhajaba :D (but keep it a secret eh? dont tell her :P)

you can find more info here:

Rainy said...

ehehhe yea thats right.. thanx for the extra information

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