Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ad Fail : Will you buy this boot to your wife!

I Think this is disrespectfull , i don't see any creativety on that ... Jimmy Choo failed big time with this ad!! ... a women daisa ras rayal :S this is not fun this is violance !!!


D said...

I don't understand. Is such an ad supposed to make women feel good?

Ent Ya said...

I feel offended, damn u Jimmy

Rainy said...

D: i don't know what they mean!!! ... the western advertising has taking a critical juncture.

Entya: shall i burn my heels!! :P

The Bodyguard said...

well, i see it as powerful as it could come... ads like this will give great ego and drive for women to buy it ... offensive publicity is always a good strategy to send the message out .. there is no bad publicity :) SMART JIMMY :)

Umzug Wien said...

شكراً على الموضوع ... :)

entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم .. دائما موفقين ..::))

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umzug said...

:)) ... شكرا لكم .. دائما موفقين

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Wohnungsräumung said...

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