Monday, September 19, 2011

YogurBerry: Low fat & Low calories

I was at Olympia Mall doing some shopping so when i was in my way out i noticed the YogurBerry ads.. so i decided to check this out and see what i differences between the YogurBerry and the other frozen yogurt stores.
I Like frozen yogurt im not a fan that i always eat it.. but what i noticed that this store is writing everywhere that their Fro Yo is low fat and low calories which i didn't see in the other stores .. which mean the are officially providing dieting frozen yogurt...
the most important thing to me in any store that the seats if they are comfy or not and their seats was sooo comfy :P
 nice colors and decorations .. i love the white colors and i noticed lately that most of the stores chose that color for thier decoration.
to be honest  the taste wasn't different from the other frozen yogurt stored.. but what I did not like is that the coconut wasn't shredded, but large pieces .. Perhaps it was something more healthy, but I love shredded coconut..
 Do i recommend you to go there ??? Yes not because there are differences in the store but because this the Olympia Mall so cozy and quiet... happy eating


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