Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 Of the Strangest Divorce Stories

Since I have never been married or suffering from a divorced,  so reading about the strangest divorced stories made me laugh maybe some people seeing it as a painful stories but still other see it as funny .. so let start talking about the 9 strangest divorced story ...
1- Is it appropriate to ask your ex to return a gift post-divorce? This Long Island surgeon certainly thinks so. He gave his wife a kidney while they were married. But after she filed for divorce in July 2005, he wanted it back.
2- After divorcing his wife of 18 years in October 2008, Moeun Sarim wanted exactly 50 percent of his marital assets. To collect his share, he gathered up his tools, called his relatives for help and sawed his house in half. His ex-wife still lives on her side.
3- A young Italian groom was so unready to leave his mother's side, he brought her on his honeymoon in January this year. His unimpressed bride asked for a divorce three weeks later
4- This couple agreed to divorce in 2007, but neither would move out their marital home. Tired of their arguments, a judge ordered the couple to split the house in half--by building a wall through it.

5- This woman got married at age 30, but told her husband she was just 24. Ten years into their marriage, in November 2007, he found out about the lie--and asked for a divorce. LOL womennnnn

6- One man failed to pay child support, to the tune of $14,000, last June. To control his spending, a judge took away his TV, internet, magazine, cell phone and newspaper privileges.
7- What would you do if your pet bird started to say things like "divorce" or "be patient"? In June 2001, those phrases proved to one woman that her husband had been unfaithful--and that was grounds for divorce.
8- This couple had a hard time deciding who would get the farm after they split in 2008. To solve the problem--and ensure that his ex-wife got her fair share--this farmer used a grinder to cut his farm equipment in half.


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