Monday, September 19, 2011

Kuwaiti Project: Stickers for your wall!

Y2Z Design is a Kuwaiti project started on 2009. The project was inspired by the owners innovative ideas. It's a contemporary creation everyone seeks for. The stickers quality endures water, and wet weather. It can be used at homes, kitchens, bathrooms, office, weddings, etc.

Stickers can be applied on walls, ceramic floors, marble floors, glass, aluminum, and wood . Also the prices are affordable they are starting from 12KD .. What i love about it is the you can customize your wall decoration . 

Also they have alot of options you could choose like kids, Islamic sentence, flowers, romantic, butterfly etc... also you could choose the color ... happy shopping


وظائف خالية said...

فكرة مختلفة ....

Entsorgung Wien said...

فين الموضوعات الجديدة .. ؟؟

Umzug Wien said...

شكراً على الموضوع ... :)

entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم .. دائما موفقين ..::))

entrümpelung wien

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