Saturday, September 10, 2011

7 Things about Rainy!

I was tagged by my new littel sis BerooQ8 and my new friend Fried Junk .. it's hard to conclude your good thing in 7 points but i will try hard ... so let's start :
1- i have been in too many bad situations the worse ever ... emotionally and medically .. at some point in my life i was mintues away from my death But you know something i never felt weak do you know why?? because i have the strongest women on earth with me .. she's my MOTHER .. i love her more than anything she is a role model of patience .. SO u can guess im the mini version of mom ...alah la ya7rmeni menha
2- i love dancing i wish if i can became a dancer ...  i love contemporary dancing its full with feelings.. i could say alot of things without speaking
3- im a family person i don't like to go out alot unless if i want to try new things, or go shopping .. so my time kela rai7 shopping , and family
4- i love fashion, dressing up and impressing my friends but I LOVE WEARING 3ABAYA .. somehow i feel so so so so comfortable when im wearing 3abaya ana melfa3 and hoping someday i will do so..
5- hmmmm im a shoes collecter .. this is the first time i admitted it but im a shoes\heels collector .. i dont care what is the brand? or how much is the price? if i like something i will buy whether it cost me 1 KD or 300 KD but i have a rule never spend more than 300 KD on shoes.
6- Do i love kids??? if im not so in love with marketing and PR i would be a teacher by now .. kids are my passion seeing them happy made my day ... maybe i love them because they are Angels
 My Dogs
7- I have Dogs ... Orlando and Kare ... sometimes i feel awful when i take care of Orlando more than Kare but maybe because Orlando was a Gift from a precious person ..  but i love them all .. you may laugh but i treat them like my kids ...

thanks dear for the tag .. i won't tag anyone because this is sooo hard test ..


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