Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killing Offers from SHARP @ BEST United!

Yesterday i was at KOTEN Vip and Bloggers night .. it was really really nice my buddies bloggersta :P... if you wonder about Koten; it a family carnival where you can enjoy with your family and get amazing killing offers ... you can buy TV, Fridge, blender, microwave ...etc in 199 KD .. don't miss it's really killing promotion
the mother company marketing manager Meg
the 3D TV
the healthy cooker was 400 something and now 190 something
part of the photo missing but this is the 199 KD offer
the beautiful promoters wearing the Yukata NOT kimono :P
here we go the Sharp Product Manager mr. Tamim hellloooo

the staff behind the scene .. GOOD Job guys ;)

at the end i would like to thanks my buddies who accepted my invitation pink girl, 7ajiDude, Danderma, The side talk, Entya, Crowsy, BlogLaish, Q8Blend, Kuwaitiful, 360Dewan, and Q8Stig and not to forget Banana Q8 who lost his way and went to another showroom .. Thank you guys

4 comments: said...

Nice Photos sis I'll add a link to this in my previous post.
Thanks again for the invitation we really had fun!

Rainy said...

I've already email with some Photos ... I'm glad u made it and come while I know you was oveloadef .. Thank you alot

Dear Romeo said...

seems like you had fun ;)
I can see they have some good offers there

Rainy said...

yea it was amazing offers

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