Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally i found the right Sunglass

I have been looking for a square shape sunglasses not so huge; and that because my face shape kilsh ma yeleeg 3alih the huge shape , and finally i found it at AL- Hassan optical
 its Burberry and i bought it for 60ish KD not expensive and it look amazing also i must mention guys don't miss the limited Versace collection at AL-Hassan they are amazing bs 7asafa tooo huge for me :(


Brownsuger said...

Did u knotest how Hassan logo font isbexactly like Harrods!
Congrads on the shades

Brownsuger said...

isbexactly *** is exactly

Rainy said...

ehehheh eee walaaa saa7 tawny antebeeh!

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