Saturday, July 30, 2011

I found the Most YummY pumpkin Salad!

I will talk about this piece of art in separate post
last week i went to the Prime Toast with my chilhood friend Mahaway; and it was our first time; believe you won't forgot it why? because what i loved about them that they have their own menu! what do i mean about own menu?? that they have special dishes that you won't find in other restaurant..
pumpkin & beetroot salad.. they yummiest pumpkin recipe
9ij there wasn't any special dishes for viggies people and i hope they will have soon but to be honest I'm glad that they didn't have any, why? because i had to eat salad so i ate the most amazing new salad recipes, see the photos and let me know your experience with them
my friend chose, chiz omelet 
my friend chose: Turkey Original
ashwa my friend kant 3azmteny sooo she paid .. thanx mahwaey


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