Thursday, July 14, 2011

Event: Got the message by Zain @ Avenues

   I recived an email from Zain telecommunication asking us as bloggers to spread the words about their second stage in the  Social Responsibility Campaign called “Drive Zain”, i would love to help i love it when i see such a huge telecommunication company continue their campaign and never stop in one stage.
The ad for the campaign
   So i think you wonder what is the 2nd stage of their activity in this campaign is that in this weekend  , they will be having an event in The Avenues Phase II (Thurs-Fri-Sat) and all what they need is that your sign in The Pledge so please try to be there becasue we really need to address this issue and make people realize the dangers of texting and driving.
 So please be there and help them to reach their voice; it's really important campaign specially we are losing a lot of our friends and families because of people texting while driving.


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