Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Villa Uno Expo.

i went to Villa Uno Expo. at Nuzha its was full with young kuwaity ladies with amazing ,talented and creative business, all of them was amazing but what i liked the most are 3 booth ; "Thekrayat perfume" old post  , Shamoos al Mutaery make up artist and Boutique29 for Hessa al Khamees, they were amazing , amazing refreshing perfumes by Therkrayat , amazing make up touches from Shmoos and fabulous fashionable dress from Hessa . GoodLuck Girls
Thekrayat Perfumes
LipStick by Shamoos  "Make up Artist"

Hessa Al-Khamis "Boutique 29"

Hessa Al Khamis  FB "Boutique29 , Mob: 99062144
Thekrayat Perfumes FB "عطور ذكريات", Mob: 60043376
Shmoos Al Mutairy Mob: 55622665


Anonymous said...

Thanks 7ayty walllah maga9artaaaay hatha men thoqich o 6ebech :)


Rainy said...
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Rainy said...

you deserve every single word .. you have a very stylish and unique style .. I'm waiting my order to post here in my blog just to show people that we have our local talented fashion designer who can compete Mark Jacoobs and Jil Sander :) .. good luck

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