Monday, April 11, 2011

So in love with Luv Aj Jewelry

I'm so in love with Luv Aj Jewelery , they are amazing , fabulous and stylish.  Luv Aj Designer Amanda Thomas started her accessories line in 2005 once her after-school obsession parlayed into her own line of accessories. The 23 year old designer still continues to combine a worn and torn edginess with a hint of femininity in her line of jewelry, Enjoy it.
* Update:  "Panacheous" Online shop- Boutique offer some of  Luv Aj Collection
Boutiques Location: 
 Salmya (Maidan Hawally),
Block 11, Uhud Street (off Jabir bin Hayan street), Villa Darat Al-Zuhor (Villa 9)
Landmarks:"Mother Care" Nursery, 
opening Hours:
Sat-Thur : 10 am - 1 pm then 5 pm - 10 pm
Friday: 5pm - 10 pm
call 97745583 for more info!   

6 comments: said...

Hey there,
wow it is as if you knew! we are getting them any day now! the whole complete collection! is the official retailer for luv aj in Kuwait, you can shop some of last seasons collection, like the cross armors & spike ring (sorry the rest is sold out;)) on line: or visit our boutique! call 97745583 for more info!

Rainy said...

wow amazing so i will be waiting for new collection they have such an amazing stuff, thank you for your post. said...

we are getting most of the cross armors, the hand pieces, rings, we really can't wait, last year the collection was amazing! we love Amanda! Check out last years' collection on line at panacheous & let us know what you think:)

RuBY_GLooM said...

very sophisticated line. love it

Rainy said... : I love wat already sold out , I'm so excited to see the new collection, do u have a boutique or only only shop?

Ruby: wT I liked about them that their jewelry are one of kind. said...

HI there,

The problem is our collection is always very limited in Quantity, uniqueness is our middle name;) so we get one or a maximum of two per style, esp. the expensive ones..the new COMPLETE collection will be in-store Very soon hopefully :) you will be updated! And yes we do have a boutique, please check the "FIND US" section online for our map and contact info! Hope to see you soon & thank you for your great blog!

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