Monday, August 15, 2011

Do u have questions about Zain?

 I have been invited to the bloggers Gathering at Zain where we will meet the Chiefs and all directors and they will be present to answer all our questions, so my loving readers if you have any questions about Zain just post it over here and inshalah i will ask them and reply back with the answers.


BeRo0Q8 said...

Wanasa... Bs don't Have questions At This Moment :P

Rainy said...

okay think we have time till Thursday!

yousefq8 said...

Ask them why their mobile internet service is so shitty. It constantly disconnects and even when it is connect just to load one image takes a minute, if it doesn't fail and it usually does. Ask then why they're charing 7kd for almost no service. And if they say some bullshit like it depends on where you are, tell them I tested it in Kuwait City, at the top of the communications tower, and at the border right before Iraq.

Rainy said...

thank you for added your comment i just print it out and i will show them .. will see what they will say! .. thank you again

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