Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Shopping: Aïshti - Azone

As i posted before Every Thursday i will have a post about one of the shops - new collections or sales so my readers will have the chance to know what's new in the market and i will call it Thursday Shopping ... and that will include men, women, and kids fashion...
Dolce Gabbana New collection around 240 Kd
 So i chose Aïshti for the 2nd week because Aïshti has an amazing sale on the heels and as everyone know Eid is coming inshalah so we need these kind of heels to compelete our look .. so lets see what Aïshti have!!
Dolce Gabban for 99 KD
Dolce Gabban For 99 KD
Camilla SkovGaard for 63 KD
Dolce Gabbana for 104
Dolce Gabbana
Dolce Gabanna for 99 KD
STAY TUNED Next Thursday the post will be for Hackett Men Wear


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