Monday, August 15, 2011

Photos challenge 4&5?

30 Days 30 Photos Challenege

Challenge 4: My favorite color?
Both are my favorite colors the Irish green & tiger.. I don't know why but the green color relaxing my eyes..
Photo challenge 5: Someone I love?
Sure I love moms and the whole family but because I know the person Eli I'm putting 9ortah will check my blog .. So here we go I love you too much more than you think
She's my niece I know she will be mad because I didn't put better photo bs shasawey this is the only photo I have .. Anyway I love her more than anything .. All my I dreamed of having a little sister o el7amdalah it happened.. But please la6ofa STOP COPYING ME


BeRo0Q8 said...

Aww Allaah y5leehaa lkoooom sweet. u seem so close to her 3asa allah layfrgkom

Rainy said...

ameen ya rab .. she's me joy and my best company.. i never be bored when shes around.. thanks hunni

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