Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Challenge: 30days with 30 photos!

I saw this competition at  FroYo Nation and couldn’t resist the idea, sound fun haaa ! the challenge will be very simple 30 days with 30 photos.. it request something very easy and you must be creative and create something new , and for the face portrait i will change it to something else. Are you creative enough? then join the challenge..


brownsuger said...

Hummm if i step into the challenge you will have no chance of wining, so i'll leave this one for you ;)

Rainy said...


brownsuger said...

I didn't want 2 challenge u but since u put it that way then it's on ;(
quick rules: the pic has 2 be taken by u, we'll have 1 exception to the list meaning we can change on topic on the list (self portray or what ever), we will judge who wins (code of ethics) & 2 make it interesting the loser will buy the winner a gift deal.
I'll give u 2 head starts (1) start before me which u already did i'll start from tomorrow (2) u could start shopping 4 my gift from now ;)
1 last thing u want to follow the list in order or no need?

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