Monday, August 15, 2011

Event: Gergai3an Dasman Diabetes Institute!

Yesterday i was invited to Dasman Institute 1st Gergai3an event , as for the people who knows me they will know that yesterday i was in my happy place, why? i love kids .. i adore kids.. and seeing a one kid smiling will made my day ..
i went to the Institue and the place was filled with kids wearing the gergi3an traditiong cutoms ... there was sooooooooooooooooooo amazingly cute.
  and as Kuwaitiful said: What I liked about the event was there were educational games, more specifically question games that are fun as well as distributing nutritional and diabetes education facts.
The Gergai’an bags had controlled dried fruits, gum and chocolate. also their were hosting the kids and visitors with dates also there were corners for educational medial answers and testing sugar blood section
moo bs chethi also there were a fun corners for the kids who's not intersted in the games so everyone could enjoy their time..
Omarker was poses for kids .. good job i love it when media celebrity did something for their community
 and now lets go to the fun parts ... the kids custom ... i love everyone of them espically the over wight kids ... i cant resist them ...

 awal shay she refused to let me take photo of her then she became my friend and poses for me lol soo cute loved her. i loved it ... i do love seeing our governmental hospitals / institute taking care to our kids and at the same time offering them a fun atmosphere.. thanks to Eng.Dari AL-Huwail and Dasman Diabetics Institutes..    


Aziz Q8Blend said...

great coverage rainy, thats what i call paying back to the community :)
the girl in the last picture is so adorable lol

BeRo0Q8 said...

Amazing Post Loved It..
Specially The adorable Kids :**
And It Was nice Meeting You :D Had So Much Fun :**

Rainy said...

aziz: thank you yea i love to do things to my community special for the kids
Beroo: me too hunni , really pleasure to meet you m3 ena u met me when i was in my crazy laughing mood :S

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