Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Was Tagged..!!!

 Was Tagged By My fellow Blogger BerooQ8 the lovely new blogger in town.. so i have to answers to many questions .. whih i usually loved to be asked :d so lets start
Available? Yes ,Age: 27, & Animals: Dogs , Dogs, Dogs
Beer:alahoma ena 9a2em mo 3aib Beroo :P akeed NO
Best Friends:As my mom said never ever never makes a new friendship after passing the 20s just keep your old friends so my best friend are my childhood friends.
Body Part on opposite sex: FEET, FEET, FEET and hands :D
Best feeling in the world:Being safe, Happy, Freedom & Being close to God
Been in Love? who didn't? 
Been on stage:so many times in high school ... i was too hyper so i was at the acrting team, morshdat, poetry ..........
Believe in Magic? hell yes and i mean black magic
Believe in Santa? if you believe in superman i will believe in santa
Brand: Fendi, Fendi, Versace, Fendi .. H&M & ZARA
Color: Irish Green & Tiger
Chocolate/Vanilla: im a chocolatarian :P 3ala wazin vegetarian
Chinese/Indian/Italian: Japanese, then Indian
Cake or pie: thank you im on diet :P
Cheese: oh god if i stop eating cheese i will lose 10 kilos .. im addicted to cheese
Day or Night: Night Night i hope we have malls opening at night
Dancing in the rain: my game
Eyes: if you want to know me then look into my eye!
Ever failed a class: yes 3 times
Exercise: i just do walking and dancing as exercise
First thoughts waking up: did anyone missed me and txt me or even call .. always Nobody :s 
Food: I'm Vegetarian
Greatest Fear: اني اظلم احد
Get along with your parents? Al7mdallah Yes :D
Hair Color: dark red (henna color)
Happy: i'm satisfied
Holiday: i want to go to 3omra so badly
Ice Cream: frozen Yougert
Jewelry: ANYTHING with Green Stone
Job: Public Relationship Officer
Kids: my dream and my passion is having my own kids.
Kickboxing or karate:in the past i was playing Boxing :D so watch out
Love: hilarious Drama series
Laughed so hard you cried: never because i never laughed so hard :D
Milk flavor: don't like milk ONLY leban me3zana :P
Movies: moulin Rouge, Green Mile, and NoteBook
Motion sickness: When i see kids around 
Number: 19
One wish: Ra7at EL Baal
Pepsi/Coke: NOPE
Perfume/Cologne: I LOVE BE5OOR
Quail: Beroo et3arda mo ana :P
Reason to cry: Kids in pain or mom feeling sad; both are killing me
Reality T.V: Never watch them
Radio Station: anything with Techno Music
Shoe size: 38.5
Salad Dressing: lemon, vinegar, salt.
Strawberries/Blueberries: i just started eating straberries 2 months ago
Tattoos: i always dream of having one :D
Thunderstorms: phobia because i hate strong sound or fast movment
Unpredictable: always i am
Vacation spot(s): all over the world

Weakness: is my strength
Who makes you laugh the most: my niece reactions
X-Rays: thousand times
Year it is now: im so in love with 2010 so my mind still living there
Yellow: the Trend Now
Zoo animal: i hate it if they didn't offer a good place like what we have here in kuwait
so yala u wants me to tag mino al7een .. ummmmmmmmm as a start i want to tag Froyonation, The Side Talk, BrownSugar from 360Dewan... Beroo are you satisfied now?


BeRo0Q8 said...

hahahahah I'm So Satisfied :D Loved you answer Specially :
" Best Friends:As my mom said never ever never makes a new friendship after passing the 20s just keep your old friends so my best friend are my childhood friends."

" Quail: Beroo et3arda mo ana :P " heeh ma3rfa latblsheeenii :P

D said...

ohh I was tagged! seems like fun but too long! needs some makhmakha :P

Rainy said...

Yea loool yalaaa I will be waiting

Kuwait'S Blog said...

"Weakness: is my strength" this cracked me up haha from now on i will stay away from both of this attribution :P:P

Rainy said...

looool yea its the truth .. in your weakness moment you will know how strong you are

Rainy said...

Beroo: nesait i reply to you lol ... yea i always love to have my childhood friends as my best friends bs tbh i always keep my darkest secret to my self .. anyway u said he's 5osh rayal so lazin et3arfenaaaa :P

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