Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday IYAA

Today in the early morning the HR Manager secretary called my office and told me that she need us (me n my collecgues) in urgent meeting at our office , so we closed Twitter and all the broswer and the blogs im reading while part of my job following the blogs bs we terrified anyway after like one hour we saw her coming with the secretary saying 'HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPY BIRTHDAY' to my colleagues .
la tefhmony qala6 i was trying to cut the cake :D
At that moment i wanted to kill all of them cuz kena in7ataaaaaaay shelsalfaaaaaa, anyway Happy Birthday IYAA men b3d el 5ar3aaaaa, btw el cake kant -10/10.


iyaa said...

thaaaanx rainy bs lish ma76etay el cake after cutting.. :P

Rainy said...

loooool sektay 3n el fa'6ayai7 , i didnt like my nail polish ehehehhehe

Kuwaitiful said...

whoever was holding the knifes appears to want to stab someone so badly.

Rainy said...

Ehehhe dee wala I wanted to stab the HR manager m3 ena she was so nice bs we thought ena we will have a warning 3ala snazzy ehhehheh

Anonymous said...

ياسيدي على الكيكه ... محصلتش

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